Clairault Vineyards

Welcome to Clairault | Streicker Wines. We produce award-winning, premium and ultra-premium wines in the Margaret River Region of Western Australia.We would love to introduce you to our wines in person, at our Caves Road cellar door, or ship wines to you to enjoy at your leisure, through our online shopping experience. You can learn more about us, our passion for winemaking, sustainability, and the terroir of the Margaret River Region by taking a tour through our site. Yada, Yada, Yada, enjoy!

David Cribbin | National Sales Manager

David-CribbinWith 25 years in the liquor industry, David brings both a deep well of experience and tremendous enthusiasm for the business to his role at Clairault | Streicker.

After being led - literally - by his nose to the aromatic Matilda Bay Brewery at the start of his career, he has been involved in all facets of the liquor business from retail and hospitality to production and sales. For 15 years he focused on the 'Craft Brewing' aspect of the industry, most recently for Little Creatures & White Rabbit Breweries. In his role as champion of the Clairault and Streicker brands in Western Australia, David has found this new aspect of the liquor industry to be a rewarding challenge.

Besides his extensive industry experience he has a Bachelor of Commerce from Curtin University, Majoring in Marketing and Resource Management, as well a Bachelor of Arts from Murdoch University, Majoring in Asian Studies, with a minor in Media Studies.