Clairault Vineyards

Welcome to Clairault | Streicker Wines. We produce award-winning, premium and ultra-premium wines in the Margaret River Region of Western Australia.We would love to introduce you to our wines in person, at our Caves Road cellar door, or ship wines to you to enjoy at your leisure, through our online shopping experience. You can learn more about us, our passion for winemaking, sustainability, and the terroir of the Margaret River Region by taking a tour through our site. Yada, Yada, Yada, enjoy!

Chris Gillmore | Vineyard Manager

Chris-GilmoreChris's passion for working the land is the root of his love of wine. He says, "I love the challenges viticulture presents and agriculture in general.'

When he joined Streicker Wines in 2007, it was after 10 years with Selwyn Viticultural Services. As Vineyard Manager, Chris is responsible for viticultural practices within the company, practices aimed at optimizing winegrape quality across all vineyards. Each property and season presents its own challenges, which in turn create opportunities – with careful vineyard management – to ensure that the vines become more adept at expressing individual terroir.

Chris received a Bachelor of Applied Science in Viticulture from Charles Sturt University, NSW.